Clean Air / Covid Safety Resources

Clean Air Handout for Doctors' Offices & Hospitals

Resources for advocating for safe doctor's offices and hospitals by Nathanael Nerode

I've prepared a handout for advocating for Covid-safe hospitals and doctor's offices.

It is written "newspaper style" with the most important stuff first, in hopes that the offices will read at least part of it. Page 1 has an ultra-basic summary. All the crucial stuff is on page 2, in bullet points. There are three pages of FAQ, in bullet points. Each page is designed to be usable independently. Then there are two pages of citations.

It's available as a PDF to hand directly to offices, or a word-processing file if people want to adapt it to their own needs.

If you change it, please change the version number at the bottom (use your initials and the date), just to avoid confusion. You have to change it twice, once on the main pages and once on the citation pages.

Also feel free to take extracts or selections from it for your advocacy needs.

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